Welcome To the Prayer Page of God Speed Ministry

Our prayer is that you will be blessed and strengthened by the power of Jesus, and that you will live a life of abundance in fellowship, joy and liberty. God Speed Ministry is here for you. We are a fellowship of believers coming together to declare the glory of the Lord, and to celebrate Jesus as King. We pray for one another, for healing, for peace, for provision and for whatever need and desire you may have.  We stand upon the Word of God for answers to our prayers and to pray God’s will into this earth.  May God richly bless you! May the Lord bless you and keep you! We hope to see you soon!


From Chaplain Bill Dickerson:  Please be in prayer for my family.  My sister Louise Woods of Princeton, WV died this morning at 7:30 a.m.  She was 88 years old and was my last sibling.  She leaves behind 2 sons, Danny & Larry, grandchildren and many nieces and nephews.  She is preceded in death by her husband James and daughter Pattie.  Pray for her family and all who knew her. 

From Chaplain Jerry Blazier:  Pray for James Kaack.  Doctors discovered a mass on his bladder and scheduled him for surgery today.  The surgery went well.  There were no tumors.  They did have to cauterize a couple of areas that may have been bleeding.  His urine is clear and he may get to go home today.  Good  news!!!

Continued prayers for Chaplain Joe Sannutti as he recovers from the angioplasty on Monday and awaits bypass surgery.

Brett Henry was in a crash at the Hot Rod Reunion on Saturday & passed away Sunday night. Leaves behind wife, son, daughters, & parents. Pray for his family and friends.

Praise Report from Chaplain Bill Dickerson:  My neighbor got to go home that night, praise God!  Renee – you be sure and tell everyone “Prayer Works!”

Please be in prayer for the God Speed Ministry Chaplains ministering this week:

Chaplains Gary & Renee Bingham, Roger Rigg and Dave Merrill at the PDRA World Finals at Virginia Motorsports Park.

Chaplains Jerry Blazier & Kenny Bomar at the IHRA Summit Super Series World Finals at Memphis Int’l Raceway.
From Chaplain Bill Dickerson:  Please be in prayer for my friend and co-worker Larry Wildey.  Larry & I work at the same trucking company.  Larry got his feet tangled up in a strap today and fell off the back of the truck.  He landed on his shoulder and hit his head.  His should is dislocated.  The doctors have put it back in place 3 times and it keeps popping back out of joint.  They have called in an orthopedic doctor now.  He is in Herman Memorial Hospital.  Please pray for him and his wife Connie.
From Kim Wallace:  Please add David to the prayer list he is suffering some heart issues and is in the hospital in Kyle. Scheduled to have angioplasty on Monday morning to get more answers. Thank you so much!

From Mike Tritle:  Just got back from a fabulous week in North Pole, AK with kids and grandkids.  On the flight from Seattle to Chicago this afternoon a 3 month old baby suffered a seizure of some sort.  The mother was devastated.  The baby was not breathing.  Thanks to God’s providence there was a doctor and nurse who came to immediate aid, comforted the young mom and stabilized the infant girl.  We were routed directly to O’Hare ahead of traffic and the Chicago Fire Department Paramedics met the family at the gate.  No one, not one passenger got up until the family was off the plane.  

Please keep this family and their infant child in your prayers!

Thanks be to God for providing the medical team and the professionalism of the flight crew on board along with ground support an hour before landing.


From Chaplain Lisa Collier:  Racing for the troops Christmas collection

Well my annual morale program “Racing for Troops” collection for Christmas 2017 began 1 Oct. Every year the program gets smaller and the interest for the deployed troops falls to way side. So if you know of any teams who would like to donate items like hats, shirts, die cast, decals and so forth message me for more info. I have tons of pics on my Facebook page under racing for the troops. When you do make sure I have a good contact info so I can get pics back to you of your items with the troops. Thanks again and God bless.
Lee McKinney
Command Security Manager
470th Military Intelligence Brigade
4270 Gorgas Circle
Ft Sam Houston, Texas 78234
210-221-7567 (Office) 210-355-0726 (cell) SMO CODE. WND2X13
e-mail:  lee.v.mckinney.civ@mail.mil



From Chaplain Kenny Bomar:

  1. Mary – paralysis
  2. Tyler Young – boy hurt in 4 wheeler accident
  3. Rachael- mom of 3 girls, injured in a car wreck.  She will never walk again without a miracle.


From Chaplain Jerry Blazier: 

  1. Lynn Easley – cancer
  2. Jim Bo Harris – kidney failure
  3. Lisa Williams – battling cancer
  4. Maddie Smith – finger surgery
  5. Gene Enjart – cancer and dementia
  6. Our Country – all aspects
  7. Track Operators – all aspects
  8. Military – all aspects
  9. Las Vegas – victims
  10. Hurricane Nate – all effected


From Chaplain Bill Dickerson:  Continue to pray for Dickinson TX and all impacted by hurricanes this year.  The cleanup and toll continues to rise. 

These are the numbers I got this week for Dickinson TX:

  1. 7000 homes destroyed in Dickinson
  2. 8500 homes damaged.  These homes have framing and drywall removed.  They cannot repair and replace the drywall until all the wood is dried.  The high humidity and continual rain hinders that.  People, families, are living in these homes like this.
  3. Only 15% of homes were not damaged
  4. 85 businesses destroyed and closed.  (I didn’t know there were 85 businesses in Dickinson.  We’re not that big of a town.


Praise report from Chaplain Steve Longmire:  His back is healed.  The surgery was successful.  He can move and travel again.  Praise God.


From IHRA:  Ronnie Humphry believes they are not going to Memphis due to two elderly family members being very ill and who may pass away in the coming days.  An understandable but sad reason for father and son champions to not attend the World Finals. (Please keep this racing family in your thoughts and prayers. Renee Bingham)

From Chaplain Joe Sannutti via Facebook:  Sat night coming home from bowling Green and the Tenn Tuck race there was a terrible accident. Eddie Cupp driving his truck with Ken Sullivan’s trailer with car was in a horrible crash. Crosswinds caught the trailer and Eddie lost control. The entire rig was rolled. Our great friend Eddie is still in critical condition. We are all praying for the best. It has been kept low key until family and friends were contacted. The truck/trailer are total a loss. We are still uncertain about condition of car and other stuff in truck and trailer. Honestly it’s not our concern right now. Eddie is a great friend and his wife, family and friends are our concern. Please send prayers for Eddie and his family.
From Chaplain Craft Dunaway:  Thoughts and Prayers to the Emmons, Martha, his sons and all his family, on the loss of Harvey Emmons Sr.. Division 4 legend in every sense of the term that left a proud legacy behind. You will be missed. God Speed Mr. Emmons.
From Chaplain Richard Guy: Jet Car owner KC Jones had a garage fire, and lost his RV, and both his Jet cars.
Please pray for this man of Faith as he rebuilds.

From Jim Ledden:  A friend is having Breast Cancer Surgery on the 13th. Her name is Nancy Mulligan from New Port Richey, Fl. Please keep her in your prayers. Thank you.

Praise report:  From  Chaplain Renee Bingham.  My brother Scott came through the long surgery well.  He is able to see and expects a full recovery.  Thank you for your prayers.

From Chaplain Renee Bingham:  Please  be in prayer for my youngest brother Scott as he goes into surgery at 1:00 p.m. to repair a severely torn retina.

Praise Report:  Steve LeTempt is improving.  Please visit  him if you are in the area.  Please continue to send him cards and words of  encouragement as he battles back to the Stevie we know and love.

Stevie LeTempt

Palmetto Health Baptist Rehab Center

Taylor St & Marion St

Columbia, SC 29220

From Chaplain Bill Dickerson:  Please pray for the people who are recovering from the hurricanes in Texas & Florida as they get more rain.  It  hinders the cleanup process.  Continue to pray for the people as they continue dealing with the aftermath and loss of these hurricanes.

Please be in prayer for God Speed Ministry Chaplain ministering this weekend:

Chaplain Jerry Blazier at the IHRA D4 Team Finals at Pine Valley Raceway TX

Chaplains Gary & Renee Bingham at the Kids Racing for Kids event at Darlington Dragway SC

Chaplain Neal Muylaert at the car show in Bowie AZ

Pray for the victims in Las Vegas.  Pray for America.

From Chaplain Jerry Blazier:  Please add Matt to the prayer list.  She had an accident involving her finger and a sprocket.  It removed part of her finger.  She went to the hospital.

From Chaplain Irena Broadfoot:

  1.  Crystal Schribner – fighting cancer
  2. Plane Crash ½ km south of airport 36 hours before race event.  I was asked by the manager to say a prayer during the driver’s meeting for the 2 victims and their families.  (August. Swift Current SK.)
  3. Lady from Regina MT having trouble with her knees.
  4. Prayer for  my husband Andy who got sick.
  5. Praise Report:  We got our motorhome!  It makes traveling so much easier and more convenient.
Praise report on Lex. He’s tough! He is undergoing more tests at Jefferson Hospital in Philly, but plans on getting out of the hospital soon.  No one can believe it! But he called yesterday barking orders about how to close out the NHRA event from last weekend! So I’m guessing he will hang in there at least a little while longer. It’s amazing and a miracle! God is so good, Steve!