Personalized Lord’s Prayer

Father in heaven, I pray for my brother (my sister), praising Your name for them, asking You to fill their heart with worship for You today.  May their primary desire always be to advance Your kingdom, wherever they happen to be, whatever they happen to be doing.  May they align themselves on the earth with Your will, just as surely as Your will is followed and accomplished in heaven.  Provide them, I pray, with their daily bread—with everything You know is required for them to thrive and be cared for.  And grant them repentance, forgiving them of their sins – even as You forgive me of mine – while also keeping their relationships free from bitterness and difficulty as they forgive those who’ve sinned against them.  Please, Lord, protect them from temptation, from allowing them to be overloaded with adversity.  And deliver them from all evil – from every scheme and attack of the enemy, from every weapon intended to defeat and discourage them.  For Yours, Lord, is the kingdom, the power, the glory, forever.  You reign and rule and have already given them victory through the finished work of Christ.  So I pray for them today, and I pray in His name, amen.